Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage is a sector who support the economy’s growth of Indonesia. The needs of every people in the world for food and beverage makes this sector is the most targeted to Indonesia’s consumer, that makes this sector the most significant industrial GDP contributor compared to other subsectors. Seen by its investment realization’s growth, the F&B sector also has a sizeable domestic investment rate.

By facing ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), the food and beverage industry is considered to have a strong position in the market. Potential natural resources such as livestock, plantation, forestry, agriculture, marine are supporting the high competitiveness of the sector. F&B industry covers various areas such as restaurants, grocery, lounges, bars, cafes, coffee shops and more.

With the free market, the industry competition is getting tougher, which need to make more efforts to be able to compete globally. You can find the best leader who can implement strategies that can spur this global competition. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Director
  • CEO
  • Supervisor
  • Senior Staff
  • General Manager
  • Manager

Position for Food & Beverage Industry

Restaurant Manager, Accounting Supervisor, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Floor Supervisor, Head Chef, Marketing Manager, Crew Food Beverages, Food And Beverage Manager, Finance Accounting Manager, Key Account, F & B Senior Analyst Staff, R & D Food & Beverage, Training Manager, Head Of Audit, Operation Manager, Pastry Chef , Executive Chef, Catering Manager, and others.

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