The Maritime industry is relatively growing in Indonesia related to the implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), where the appearing of the free international trade, this sector can participate in obtaining profit, primarily for export or import products to other countries through maritime route. By facing ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), this industry soon will have a strong position in the market.

The Maritime industry is an essential sector in the forming of the distribution chain as well as commodity prices that accelerating the country's economic growth and also became the most significant business field and the most significant opportunities of employment in Indonesia.

Given the vital role of Maritime sectors, it’s expected to continue to produce more results. It can be implemented by having a leader who can provide decision-making to improve the performance of Maritime sector. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Director
  • CEO
  • Supervisor
  • Senior Staff
  • General Manager
  • Manager

Position for Maritime Industry

Account Manager, Sales Manager Area Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Senior Marketing Engineer, Head of Sales & Marketing, VP Marketing, GM Sales, Regional Sales Manager, Trader, Business Development, Sales Executive, Branch Manager, Supervisor, Procurement, Senior HRGA, General Affair, and others.

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