The presence of digital-based industries telecommunication sector has become a brilliant prospect in Indonesia. With the internet, everything can be done quickly and anywhere.

Therefore, the telecommunication industry becomes one of the primary needs of Indonesian society. With the passage of time, the existence of telecommunication equipment began to be replaced with wireless technology, like GSM mobile network operators, prepaid cards, and CDMA. This modification occurs because the latest technology is considered more flexible and useful for people with high mobility.

The role of communication tools is very high in this era of digitalization, high mobility and the need for fast information become the preferences of Indonesian people. Especially with the urge of the development of ICT in the world to encourage the rapid growth of technology in Indonesia. This telecommunication sector covers the Wireless Sector, Wireline Sector, Mobile Sector, Cable Sector, DSL Modem, System Integrator, Fiber Optic, Tower Provider, GSM Cellular, Prepaid Card, CDMA, and others.

One of the world's most favoured trends of all generations is the use of smartphone and data, the leader is expected to be responsive and can take the right solutions to the development of this sector. The telecommunication industry also has an impact on the economic growth in the country of Indonesia. However, the production is expected to have experienced and innovative leader to put the industry keep move forward. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company's performance, if you are looking for:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Director
  • CEO
  • Supervisor
  • Senior Staff
  • General Manager
  • Manager

Position for Telecommunication Industry

Account Manager, finance manager, GM operation, R & D Manager, Marketing Communication Manager, Senior Sales, RSS Engineer, NSS Engineer, OMS (Operation Maintenance Subsystem), Engineer Drive, Network Planning, Packet Core / SGSN / GGSN Engineer, Help Desk Support, VAS Engineer, Project Manager, SITAC (Site Acquisition) , Operation Manager, Technical Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, NOC / OMC, Document Controller, and others.

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