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Having competent executives is critical for the sustained growth of any company, especially in a highly competitive economy like Indonesia's. This feature is primarily for companies in need of C-level professionals with relevant qualifications, a proven track record of experience and strong leadership.

Arcigee ensures that we connect the best leaders to your company through rigorous checks and thorough evaluation. When they are associated with you, we will also accompany them to find the best candidates to build your company.

Massive Hiring

As businesses expand their operations, they need more employees to handle various tasks and assume greater responsibilities. This service is ideal for companies looking to hire many workers quickly, and Arcigee serves as a bridge that connects numerous job-seekers to companies. Using the latest technologies and our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we keep companies and job-seekers updated on the recruitment process.

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In addition to the proven track record above, here are three reasons why clients use our services

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Ultimately, it is your team that will help you grow your business. Start building your team through Arcigee, which has proven to recruit the best candidates for your team!

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